BDB is a calm, exclusive space where health and beauty combine into one wellness practice. Guided by the central philosophy that beauty is not skin deep, Britt Davis has built the ultimate mountain sanctuary for self-care — a retreat for health-conscious clientele to receive thoughtful skincare advice and organic treatments tailored just for them.

BDB specializes in non-invasive methods to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. Services include gentle treatments like LED light therapy, facial massage, dermaplaning and nano-technology, as well as customized, bio-active skincare regimens for every lifestyle. Davis’ high tech yet holistic approach treats health and beauty as two sides of the same coin, and this forward-thinking attitude is integral to the BDB practice.  


Meet Britt Davis, the creative mind and force behind BDB. Britt Davis treats her clients from the inside out according to her belief that strong skin and pretty skin are one and the same. Her practice is tied as much to education as it is to treatment, helping clients understand, not just the “whats”, but the “hows” and “whys” of skincare. In this sense, Davis’ approach to beauty is collaborative in the truest sense of the word; she works alongside her clients in order to craft the perfect, holistic regimen, utilizing a combination of in-office treatments, bio-active products, and in-depth consultations. Davis is also a makeup artist whose natural, “no makeup” aesthetics have attracted an avid following throughout the valley and beyond.  


The BDB studio is a serene haven nestled in the heart of Hailey, Idaho at the edge of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Davis’ vision for the space was to evoke the simplicity and clean lines of an urban spa while staying true to her environmental ethos and rustic surroundings. The interior was designed and built with the help of Davis’ husband using  reclaimed wood to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Its beauty shop carries a wide range of organic makeup lines, bioactive skincare, and more. Many of the products are sourced locally, in keeping with Davis’ heavily curated and sustainable outlook.


““I have worked with so many make up artists over the years and Britt is truly one of the best. She understands the subtleties of the skin and just what is necessary to enhance not cover up a persons beauty. I am grateful for her expertise and especially to call her my friend”

— Mariel Hemingway

“Stepping into BDB is like stepping into a heaven. Britt approaches every client with the ultimate care and consideration, I always leave BDB glowing from the inside out.  She is a beautiful human who never fails to inspire and make me feel beautiful.”

— Ryan Roche, fashion designer

“I can't imagine my wedding week without Britt! Not only did she consistently do a beautiful job with my makeup, she was the brightest light and most calming energy on such a special day that was high with so many emotions. Beyond grateful to have been connected with Britt and her beautiful soul.”

— Hayley Hubbard, influencer @thevoguetrip

“BDB is my go-to place for facials, the best selection of skin care products and cosmetics. Gorgeous is the word  that describes Britt, her products, and her salon. Not only is she an incredible skin care specialist but also an amazing Make-up Artist. In this dry climate of Idaho my skin really craves nurturing and Britt always knows just what it needs. My skin feels like it bounces back a few years! Thank you Britt!!!”

Shannon Engemann, musician

“Britt is truly brilliant and worth every penny. I have never liked when I have gotten my makeup done because I feel like I just don’t look like myself. I have an olive skin tone and love a more natural look that enhances my natural coloring rather than tone it down. When I went into my consult with Britt she asked if I had any pictures I liked. I clearly missed the memo on this one and literally gave her zero guidance other than I hate the color pink. She somehow took my hatred toward the color pink and worked her magic. She did what she thought would look best and it was perfect. She did my elopement and wedding celebration makeup and I couldn’t have been happier. Not only did it look flawless in photos but it looked incredible in person and not overdone. And to top it all off, she gives quite possibly the best facial you will ever receive. She also has a way of patting your skin and giving you the best facial massage each time she touches your face! And last but certainly not least, she is such a calming force and kind soul to have surround you on any special day. She takes the nerves out of everything and is just an all around beautiful human being. Book her now!”

— Taylor Straley, blogger @taylorstraley

“Britt is honestly one of the most talented and professional makeup artists I have ever worked with!!! Her energy and personality are infectious. She knows how to make a stressful time calm and enjoyable for all. Her makeup is always flawless and she always goes the extra mile to make everyone feel and look amazing. I can’t recommend her enough and love her to death!!!!”

— Heather Minor, wedding planner

“I look forward all day to my appointments at BDB.  BDB has a spa-like atmosphere that is serene and inviting, and it’s the perfect size for the one-on-one attention Britt provides…. Above all, my skin looks the best it ever has, and I attribute that to Britt's passion for helping others look and feel their best! ”

— Stephanie Reed, real estate agent

 “My bathroom counter is lined with beautiful products from Britt that I use morning and night; my skin has never looked better.”  

— Sunny Mills, VIE active

"Walking into BDB is like walking into a little space in heaven.  It is my new happy place. I may possibly be one of Britt's biggest fans.”

— Mel D